Mein berliner Zimmer

photos 1-4 2021


Melià Barcelona

At the heart of the commercial district of Barcelona, the 5 star hotel lodges Dan Arenzon as its house artist to create 144 digitalviews between the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox 2009.

The Equinox Collection

330 hotels in 30 countries

The creation of the pieces of the EQUINOX collection is spread through the 330 hotels of the Sol Meliá chain with its 30.000 professionals in 30 countries. The hotel itself becomes a multi-media art space where the guests may contact the house artist or access EQUINOX through the internal TV net.

  • War and the child

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    A city exhibition, a portal and an anti-war action that gives voice and presence in our cities to war children. War and the Child combines the experience of Khadijeh Moghaddam, peace activist and Dan Arenzon, artist, to make the voices and stories of minors visible.

  • History of the Explosion

    Buenos Aires 1997

    The first one-person digital exhibition of its kind in South America, extended through a mall central to the city life through videowalls, large format digital images, animations and videos in the hallways.

    Ich bin Berlin

    2024 2025

    "Ich bin Berlin" makes an invisible Berlin, visible. It addresses neighbours in Arabic, German, English, Kurdish, Persian, Spanish and Turkish inviting them to create, curate and host the first city-wide exhibition of its kind.

    Are you Berlin?

    2024 2025

    I create, communicate and develop this ongoing exhibition for the city of Berlin as a cultural leader under CUBA gGmbH with the support of the Senate of Berlin.